April, 2011

According to whoever establishes the official “months” of various ideas, causes, or things, April is jazz appreciation month. How to celebrate? Well, you might consider the suggestions listed here. Another way to celebrate is by checking out some rousing jazz for spring cleaning, namely Nova’s most recent CD, A Time of Reckoning. As we’ve mentioned here before, our Tops in ’10 recording is available on iTunes or at CD Baby.

And there’s more: The Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra’s newest recording will be coming out in late summer. Stay tuned for further details.

Don’t forget: Nova will play the Shorewood Bar & Grill on the 26th.

Nova & Le Sacre du Printemps

Nova would like to thank those who’ve augmented the band’s personnel while we performed Bill Mathieu’s music in recent months. Because of Stan Kenton’s predilection for expanded big-band instrumentation, your aid was absolutely necessary and helped give us the big sound everyone noticed at the Shorewood last month. (Of course, the writing might have had something to do with that, too). Thanks especially to Bill Mathieu himself: he paid us a fine visit, rehearsed us, and spoke to us about what he values in music. Thanks to everyone in the band — your rehearsal, performance and general hard work made the project possible and enjoyable. And our sound engineer, Matt? Special thanks to him as well.

Coming up this Tuesday, March 22, at 7pm, Nova is back at the Shorewood. We’ll be delving back into our regular repertoire, but as usual everyone can expect some surprises.

Nova Tops in ’10

We’re excited to say that Nova’s CD, A Time of Reckoning, made number 8 on Jack Bowers Best Big Band Albums of the Year:

“The ensemble is supple and swinging on every number, the soloists sharp if not spectacular. The rhythm section is unswerving, and Nova doesn’t overpass the value of color and dynamics … A Time of Reckoning is another sizable step forward for the Nova Jazz Orchestra, which continues to reap benefits from its stability and experience.”

You can purchase A Time of Reckoning at CD Baby or on iTunes.