Concerto Nova!

Visitors to this website may wonder what the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra is up to. Considering this space hasn’t been updated in quite a while, it’s a reasonable question. Our silence here, however, belies the fact we are in the midst of a big project.

W.A. "Bill" Mathieu
W.A. “Bill” Mathieu

What is this big project, you might ask? Well, not too long ago, Nova recorded the unrecorded arrangements (and originals) of William “Bill” Mathieu, originally written for Stan Kenton in the late 50s.

The resulting CD, Vol. 2-Double Feature,Vol. 2-Double Feature pleased and delighted many people. Importantly, the recording pleased Bill Mathieu, too, so much so that he was motivated to write an original work specifically for the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. The result is Concerto Nova, a 6 movement work. Nova is currently rehearsing this new music, and the composer Bill Mathieu will visit us soon to help out on the finer musical points. As you might suspect, Nova intends to perform and record Concerto Nova. Stay tuned.

A Time of Reckoning on iTunes

iTunes icon

Nova’s new recording, A Time of Reckoning, is now available on iTunes. This means that you can buy tracks from our CD “a la carte,” if you care to. As with other offerings in iTunes, the tracks are encoded in high-quality ACC format, ready to go on your iPod.

To find us on iTunes, you’ll need iTunes installed on your computer. (If you happen to use an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ve already got iTunes, of course.)

Simply search for Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra at the iTunes store, or follow this link.

A Time of Reckoning at CD Baby

atorart We’d like to let everyone know that our new CD, A Time of Reckoning is available for purchase at CD Baby, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it makes a great Christmas or Feast of Stephen gift. (Or, a great gift in general, no matter what you are celebrating.)

A Time of Reckoning features 10 musical works by composers with a Minnesota connection, and 3 of the composers are currently members of the orchestra: John Ahern (A Tribute To Francy Boland, West 7th), Bob Byers (Copperhead), and Paul Peterson (Feets, Granicus, Grumblambasamba). Bassist/composer Greg Stinson contributed A Dream of Hungarian Lanterns. Trombonist/composer Steve Devich contributed North Star. The title track is by Dan Cavanagh, who currently teaches at the University of Texas, Arlington, in the Jazz Studies Department.

Below is a complete track listing. You can preview any of these tracks at CD Baby:

  1. Tribute To Francy Boland (Ahern)
  2. A Time Of Reckoning (Cavanagh)
  3. W 7th (Ahern)
  4. Copperhead (Byers)
  5. Feets (Peterson)
  6. North Star (Devich)
  7. Granicus (Peterson)
  8. Gozar (Cavanagh)
  9. Grumbalambasamba (Peterson)
  10. A Dream Of Hungarian Lanterns (Stinson)

We sincerely hope that listeners of this CD find it musically enlightening and entertaining!

Happy Halloween from the Nova Band and upcoming CD release!

saxophone playing creature from Nova's new cd

What, you might ask, is the origin of the creature pictured here? Does it come from the long-forgotten myths of ancient cultures? Or is this creature from a newer myth, something to do with a movie starring Bill Murray? Or maybe it’s an extra from a newer movie?

One thing we can say for sure: this image has everything to do with A Time of Reckoning, the new CD from the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra. Want to find out more? Well, you are cordially invited to our CD release party coming up next month: it’s November 24th at 7 o’clock at O’Gara’s Bar and Grill. See you there…