Nova’s CD Release Party Coming Up!

It’s October, which means that it’s time to remind everyone that the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra is closing in on a big event: on the 25th, we’re having a big party for theWho Sez You Can't Dance Bebop Cover Artrelease of our 8th full-length CD of all-Minnesota Big Band Jazz, titled Who Sez You Can’t Dance to Be-Bop.

This event and concert will take place at our favorite performance venue, the Shorewood Bar & Grill in Fridley, MN. The Shorewood is a great place to hang out, eat, drink, and listen to music. We’ll hit promptly at 7pm and play till 10. Consider this to be your formal invitation — we’d love to see everyone there.

  • What: CD release party for Nova’s new album, Who Says You Can’t Dance to Bebop
  • When: Tuesday, October 25, 7pm-10pm
  • Where: Shorewood Bar & Grill in Fridley
  • Admission: Free