A Time of Reckoning at CD Baby

atorart We’d like to let everyone know that our new CD, A Time of Reckoning is available for purchase at CD Baby, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it makes a great Christmas or Feast of Stephen gift. (Or, a great gift in general, no matter what you are celebrating.)

A Time of Reckoning features 10 musical works by composers with a Minnesota connection, and 3 of the composers are currently members of the orchestra: John Ahern (A Tribute To Francy Boland, West 7th), Bob Byers (Copperhead), and Paul Peterson (Feets, Granicus, Grumblambasamba). Bassist/composer Greg Stinson contributed A Dream of Hungarian Lanterns. Trombonist/composer Steve Devich contributed North Star. The title track is by Dan Cavanagh, who currently teaches at the University of Texas, Arlington, in the Jazz Studies Department.

Below is a complete track listing. You can preview any of these tracks at CD Baby:

  1. Tribute To Francy Boland (Ahern)
  2. A Time Of Reckoning (Cavanagh)
  3. W 7th (Ahern)
  4. Copperhead (Byers)
  5. Feets (Peterson)
  6. North Star (Devich)
  7. Granicus (Peterson)
  8. Gozar (Cavanagh)
  9. Grumbalambasamba (Peterson)
  10. A Dream Of Hungarian Lanterns (Stinson)

We sincerely hope that listeners of this CD find it musically enlightening and entertaining!