Happy (Belated) New Year

Wow, it’s already mid-January! Nonetheless, everyone in the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra would like to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year. In addition to our regular performances at O’Garas, (The next one is the 27th of this Month), we have exciting projects planned for 2009. Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays from NCJO and Upcoming Yuletide Concert

As a way of wishing everyone in the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra happy holidays, the band got together for a rehearsal and fine pot-luck meal last Sunday afternoon. We’d like to wish everyone out there happy holidays, too.

Our Christmas concert is coming up at O’Gara’s on December 23rd, where we’ll be reprising some tunes from our CD of last year, An Odd Christmas. In addition, at this event we’ll be assisting the talented composer Dan Cavanagh with the release of his own CD project, titled Pulse. We are indeed fortunate that Dan has contributed so much to the musical life of Nova, and some of his compositions will be featured on our forthcoming CD, A Time of Reckoning.

So come out to O’Gara’s, have a cup of cheer (responsibly of course), and hear some great music!

Upcoming Performance (and rehearsal)

Coming up on August 26, Nova will be playing its usual gig at O’Gara’s Shamrock room in St. Paul. As preparation for this performance, the band will be rehearsing at John Ahern’s house, where we will be carefully adjusting tempos, articulations, and other important musical details.

Here are some important things to keep in mind about Tuesday night’s performance:

  1. The performance is in no way connected to the closing of the Olympic Games
  2. As a consequence, there will be no cute Chinese girl lip syncing