Join the NCJO on October 10!

Minnesota Music Cafe! Hey, everybody, the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra will be playing the Minnesota Music Café on the evening of October 10!

Although we have composer friends everywhere who have supplied us with wonderful compositions, the NCJO plays original music by predominantly Minnesotan composers. Many of those composers are in the band, too, and recently we’ve been adding to our wide repertoire as well as digging out tunes we haven’t played in a while. You can be the beneficiary! Join us the evening of October 10 at the Minnesota Music Café! The music starts at 7pm!

On June 17, a Jazz Blast in Rosemount, Played by the NCJO!

Rosemount Jazz BlastNova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra at the “Rosemount Jazz Blast,” in beautiful Rosemount, Minnesota. We’ll play a fine set of all-original Minnesotan big band music. If that weren’t enough, some or all of the amazing compositions you’ll hear were composed by current members of the orchestra! Details are below. This is a free performance by the NCJO — see everyone there!