September 7th, 2014

Nova and September 2014 at the Minnesota Music Café!

Coming up very soon, as in this Tuesday, September 9, at 7pm: The Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra returns to the Minnesota Music Café for a welcome-to-fall performance. We’d love see everyone there — we’ll be playing a lot of the old favorites, and perhaps some newer favorites, too! As usual, we’ll be playing two great sets. Check it out: home-grown, Minnesotan, artisanal big-band jazz at the Minnesota Music Café!

  • What: Nova Jazz Orchestra
  • Where: Minnesota Music Café
  • When: Tuesday, September 9, 7pm-9pm
  • Admission: Free!

June 4th, 2014

It’s June, and Nova’s playing the Minnesota Music Café!

As we’ve mentioned here before, the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra performs at the Minnesota Music Café the 2nd Tuesday of each month. June is no exception! Our big-gig is coming up on June 10. We hit at 7:00. Also, everyone should be happy to know that we’ve expanded our second set, and we’ll be playing until 9 pm.

Noticed there’s no more polar vortex right now? Come out and celebrate with us.

May 13th, 2014

Tonight! Nova in May at the Minnesota Music Café!

Our monthly outing. Don’t miss it:

  • What: Nova Jazz Orchestra
  • Where: Minnesota Music Cafe
  • When: March 13 (did we mention tonight?) @ 7 pm!
  • Admission: Free!

April 6th, 2014

Nova Plays the Minnesota Music Cafe this Tuesday, April 8

As we’ve mentioned here before, the Nova Jazz Orchestra is now playing the Minnesota Music Cafe the second Tuesday of each month. That Tuesday for the month of April? It’s coming up this week. Be sure to catch us — we’ll start playing promptly at 7pm. Nova’s music will last until 8:30, but they’ll be plenty of music for you to enjoy after that if you’d like to stick around.

Don’t forget: April is Jazz Appreciation Month.

February 19th, 2014

Nova Jazz Orchestra to Play the Minnesota Music Cafe

Our friends at Jazz Central Studios will be changing-up their musical schedule to feature smaller groups after this month, so Tuesday, February 25 at 8:30 will be our last performance at Jazz Central. Fortunately for us, we have an entirely new venue waiting in the wings, one that we’ve already played this month: The Minnesota Music Cafe. The Minnesota Music Cafe, a venue that for years has featured all kinds of music, also boasts a nice atmosphere with plenty of food and drink. We’ll be bringing our home-grown contemporary jazz orchestra sounds to the MMC the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm. Be sure to be there, and be punctual — we play one set that lasts until 8:30. After we’re finished, you can stick around for Jay Bee and The Routine. So, don’t forget:

  • What: Nova Jazz Orchestra
  • Where: Minnesota Music Cafe
  • When: Every 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7 pm!
  • Admission: Free!