Nova and Election Night, November 8!

Minnesota Music Cafe!The Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra will be playing election night, November 8 at the Minnesota Music Café. (See our previous post for the map). As usual, our set starts at 7pm. Unlike others, we don’t offer election night forecast and analysis, but we can offer the following to-do list:

  • Vote!
  • Come hear the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra at the Minnesota Music Café!

Nova at the Minnesota Music Café this Tuesday!

The Minnesota Music Café

That’s right — Nova’s back at the Minnesota Music Café this Tuesday, September 13! (That’s tomorrow, friends) Join us as we get home-grown, Minnesotan, big-band jazz rolling again at the Minnesota Music Café, where the food is great and the music is cooking! That aforementioned cooking music will get underway at 7pm, and we’ll play two sets. See everybody there!

NCJO’s April 2016 Hiatus

The Minnesota Music CafeAs we’ve mentioned here before, the NCJO always plays the second Tuesday of each month at the Minnesota Music Café. Importantly, however, we won’t be doing that this month to make way for the emerging artist series featuring students from the McNally Smith College of Music.

McNally Smith’s concerts take place April 11-14 at the MMC. Get all the details here. NCJO will be back at the MMC on Tuesday, May 10.